Stuck in the ‘burbs, part 2: buying local

In our dreams, we grow and raise most of our own food, and there isn’t a lot of money changing hands when it comes to our daily sustenance.

But here in the suburbs, we can’t graze cattle or sheep (or even goats, for that matter), nor can we have chickens or rabbits. And I suppose we could tear up more of the lawn to put in a garden, but to tell the truth, we need to keep it intact so that this home is ready to sell when our farm comes along!


Recently I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am that we do have money to spend on delicious food that comes from hardworking people, growing it in healthy places. If we were really hardcore homesteaders, we wouldn’t have the need or the opportunity to support some of these local farmers, and I am truly grateful that we can do that right now. Here are some of our favorite farmers and food producers.

Apple Valley Creamery

McGrath’s Brick Oven Bakehouse

Everblossom Farm

Paulus Orchards

Filey’s Pride @ Dillsburg Farmers Market

Oak Grove Farms

Oyler’s Organic Farms

Note: Most of our meat these days comes from farmers we meet via word of mouth and who don’t even have websites. We buy in bulk—purchasing whole animals, sides, and quarters—and in some cases, do our own butchering.


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