Fourteen years, five homes, and three kids after we exchanged rings, we’re finding ourselves drawn more and more to the homesteading life — preparing our own food, making our own household items, and working our own land. And after five years of waiting on a third of an acre of suburbia with a no-livestock clause in our deed, we finally found our place: 22 acres of potential with a stone house . . . and lots and lots of work ahead of us! Join us as we learn the ins and outs of pastured poultry, raise our posse of kids, and make this old house into our home.

3 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for the comment! We’ve talked about blogging for years, but never took the plunge until now. I like the look of your blog – nice layout and photos. I’ll have to check back and read some more later!

  1. LOVE that you are sharing this experience with others. I feel this is the direction we (civilization as a whole) needs to go. I also appreciate your honesty, most people with a blog like yours would not be bold enough to talk about gaming. Thanks for keeping it real.

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